At ACRE & CO we are here to support, inspire and help you build your real estate career, authentically.  

Real estate doesn't have to be salesy or complicated.  Let me show you how I built a multiple 6-figure business doing things my way!

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On the ACRE & CO team you will find support, inspiration, done for you marketing and the tools to build and create a successful real estate career.

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build a multiple six figure business?

authentically . not salesy . your way


...your business was built around tasks you enjoyed doing. got to work with people you love. didn't have to cold call or door knock to get business. could be yourself and attract people who WANT to work with you. could make your business simple and easy. had a partner in creating your marketing plan. had someone to answer your transactional questions. achieved the goals you have for this year...even better, surpassed them!

Hi, I'm Audrey.


How do I know this is possible for you?  Because I've done it.  When I started my career in real estate I tried everything to get business.  I found there were things I absolutely did not want to do.  They didn't feel authentic, I didn't ever feel like a salesperson, and I knew to have a career with longevity and happiness I had to do things my way. 

So... I put together a plan from over 15 years of business experience and I created a successful business plan that has manifested into a multi six-figure business. 

It's focused on things I love to do and it's brought me happiness in my work/personal life.  

Guess what?!  Now it's your turn! 

It's all possible!  And, you can do it!



Joining ACRE & CO has been amazing! From the support in my business to guidance with my clients. I can always lean on Audrey for support and advice and she's also provided a ton of opportunity in ways for me to grow and learn! Not to mention her eye for design has taught me so much! 

Audrey is a great team leader. Not only is she an excellent mentor and skilled realtor to help you learn the ins and outs of transactions, but she’s an excellent marketing coach and helps you develop and achieve your goals in real estate! Audrey is friendly, personable and holds us accountable to take our businesses to the next level. I am very grateful for her and our team at ACRE & CO!



I have found that my process works best with...

...newer or newly licensed agents who are driven and want to create a successful business.

...agents who want to grow their business.

...agents who want to work in a collaborative environment with inspiration and support.

...agents who need marketing and business planning help.



This team is not for you if... aren't serious about dedicating yourself to your business. can't uphold commitments. don't have time to dedicate to your business. aren't coachable.



Support, accountability, expertise + knowledge, weekly meeting, showing assistance


Buyer workflow, seller workflow, downloads, potential for additional leads, 24/7 access to me, client management, review of all contracts, vendor resources, clauses to include in contracts, contract explanation, staging help, low fees


Social media content, social media coaching, social media audit, newsletter, client mixers and events, reputable brand, content sharing and content - photo collaborating


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  3. Onboarding:  We'll walk you through getting everything lined up whether you are at another brokerage or newly licensed.


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