You just got your real estate license...but now what?  There are a million things to do, and doing things right can make or break your success in this industry. 

This course is designed for newly licensed agents or agents who are preparing to be licensed.  If you are not yet licensed - you can't talk about real estate or market yourself until you get licensed, but you CAN start planning what you want to do once you do get your license.  

What are the necessary things you need to do or SHOULD be doing before you start marketing yourself and your services?

start now!

This course is designed to support, inspire and set you on the right track to create your successful real estate career.

IMAGINE IF... had a mentor that has already gone through what you are about to embark on. had a clear plan in place so you felt confident and at ease. had someone looking out for mistakes you might make in your new business. could be yourself and attract people who WANT to work with you. could make your business simple and easy. had a partner in creating your marketing plan. achieved the goals you have for this year...even better, surpassed them!

Hi, I'm Audrey.

I'm a real estate agent based out of Sacramento, CA.  I am passionate about teaching real estate agents how to create a successful business so they can show up authentically, close more deals and actually enjoy the business they build!

I transitioned into real estate from owning a wedding and event design business for over a decade.  It was a big change in career and super scary!!  

When I launched my career in real estate I was led down many dead end roads.  I've tried nearly every marketing idea in real estate and I was surprised that many things just didn't work.  To me... older agents did things 'outdated' - their systems and marketing was no longer relevant.  Some agents were 'salesy,' which felt very inauthentic to me.   I had to create a business that worked and felt right for me.

In all of these failed attempts, I put together a plan that has now proved to be successful and very profitable.  With over 15 years of business experience in owning and operating multiple businesses I used my marketing and organizational skills to create this successful business plan that has manifested into a multi six-figure business.  

It's focused on simplicity, doing things your way, and getting results.  We'll go through some core teachings that I think most new agent trainings are missing, resources to put you on the right track, and ways you can confidently move forward into the career you were meant to succeed in!

So guess what?!  Now it's your turn to turn for success, let's do this!

start now!

today is the day to create what you want


Learning from Audrey has been amazing! From the support in my business to guidance with my clients. I can always lean on Audrey for support and advice and she's also provided a ton of opportunity in ways for me to grow and learn!

Audrey is a great leader. Not only is she an excellent mentor and skilled realtor to help you learn the ins and outs, but she’s an excellent marketing coach and helps you develop and achieve your goals in real estate! Audrey is friendly, personable and holds us accountable to take our businesses to the next level. I am very grateful for her!


I have found that my process works best with...

...almost licensed or newly licensed agents.

...agents who want a plan to grow their business.

...agents who need marketing and business planning help.



This course is not for you if... aren't serious about dedicating yourself to your business. can't uphold commitments. don't have time to dedicate to your business. aren't coachable.



Ok, you're licensed. Now what? 
5+ modules
We will be going through setting the right mindset for success, defining your goals.  Exploring options of brokerages and what kind of business model you want to grow.  What your typical week will look like and tasks to generate business.

 Preparing to Launch:
8+ modules
This might be one of the most important and overlooked steps realtors don't focus their time and energy on.  Outside of knowing transactions, we will explore who you plan to work with, and what your business aesthetically looks like from how you dress, your branding and your marketing collateral.  We will also get your database going and ready for the next steps. 

Marketing Plan:
8+ modules
This is where we will create a plan around targeting your ideal customer and how you can authentically and organically attract business.  I'll walk you through each of your options and you get to commit to what feels right and best for you.

We'll go through some advanced tips, resources for you to use, mindset and how you can expand on this course after you've mastered these items!


There's no better time than to start...TODAY!

start now!